About GCDP

Global Community Development Program aims to provide young individuals experiences via being in a part of social project abroad.

        Where do you work?

  • NGO (non-government organizations)
  • Universities.
  • Social projects

        Who do you work with?

  • AIESEC members.
  • International friends.

        What areas can you work in?

  • Every area related to social issues such as: Women Right, Children, Education, Environment, HIV/AIDs, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Rural Development …

        How much do you have to pay?

  • Administration fee: 150USD.
  • Air fares.
  • Visa and insurance (if any).
  • Travelling cost.

        What is the internship duration?

  • Minimum: 6 weeks.
  • Maximum: 8 weeks.

        What is your JD (Job Description)? Each project will have specific JDs, usually are:

  •  Market research.
  •   Prepare presentations for workshops.
  •   Organize interactive trips.
  •   Represent your own country in Global Village.